ESS 2017

Embedded System Security

Organizational Matters

  • Exam date published in Tucan

  • The repeat exam will take place in the regular exam period (i.e., after the WS17/18 lectures are finished and before the SS2018 lectures start).

  • UPDATE: Exam grades are online now.

  • UPDATE: Exam Inspection
    • Date: 25th of October 2017
    • Location: Building S4|14, Room 4.1.02
    • We offer the possibility to inspect your corrected exam in a group of five students for 25 minutes in our room. There is a 5 minute break between two groups to allow the new group to enter the room. We kindly ask you to leave your bags and electronic devices. We will provide paper and pens for you to take notes and write down questions. Please note that we will register any violation of this as subsequently attempted fraud. At the end we ask you to sign and return your inspected exams. Please refer to the list of names and times below.


Date: See Tucan

Location: See Tucan

Lecture [2 SWS]

  • Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
  • Date: Every Friday from 11:40 am to 13:20 pm
  • Location: 21. April: S2|17, room 103

Exercises [1 SWS]

  • Lecturer: Research Assistant Team of System Security Lab
  • Date: IV – Lecures and Exercises will be mixed


  • Trusted Computing
  • Trusted Execution Environments
  • IoT Security


  • Basics of cryptography

Credit Points

  • 6 CP