System and IoT Security (Mobile Security) 2017

System and IoT Security (Mobile Security) 2017

Organizational Matters


Kick-Off Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday 26.04.2017, 14:30
  • Location: Building S4|14, Room 3.2.06
  • Slides


  • Date: Tuesday 15.08.2017, 09:30 – 18:00
  • Location: Building S4|14, Room 3.2.06
  • Schedule (not final)

Important dates

Final date to cancel participation: Friday 09.06.2017

In case you cancel your participation, please do not forget to cancel your registration also in TUCaN!

Submission deadline: Sunday 06.08.2017, at 23:59

At most 18 students can participate

Register until 05.05.2017, 23:59 using this form and in TUCaN

Content and Goal

This seminar covers several topics in the area of system security with the focus on platform and communication security aspects of embedded and IoT devices. There will be interdisciplinary topics as well. The students should gain detailed knowledge on the security and privacy aspects of hardware platforms, operating systems, network communication, infrastructures, and end-user applications. Moreover, they should examine current research in this area, learn how to dive into a scientific topic, and present their results in a short paper and an oral presentation.


Each student will be given a number of scientific papers related to a specific topic in the area of embedded/IoT security. The student has to summarize, compare, and validate these publications in the form of a seminar work (paper). In addition, we will reserve 1 to 3 days (depending on the number of participants) where each student will present his seminar work in an oral presentation. Both the paper and the final presentation will be in English.

Credit Points

3 CP


M.Sc. Tommaso Frassetto

M.Sc. Ahmad Ibrahim