Smart Protection in Infrastructures and Networks (SPIN)

Smart Protection in Infrastructures and Networks (SPIN)

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Our mission at SPIN is to enable secure, trustworthy and privacy aware interactions among connected actors and services. SPIN researchers are working on self-organised collaborative detection and response mechanisms that are trust and privacy aware as well as resilient to attacks and faults. Our smart solutions range from sophisticated and user-friendly trust management solutions to collaborative network intrusion detection systems, privacy-preserving IoT middleware, and resilient cyber physical systems.


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TaaS4Cloud, a web service, which is developed for potential cloud users to assess the level of cloud providers’ security capabilities.

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Twitterize is a user-friendly solution to public as well as confidential and anonymous group communication for Twitter.

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TraCINg stands for “TUD Cyber Incident moNitor” and as the name implies it is a centralized cyber incident monitor based (mostly) on honeypots.

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HosTaGe: Honeypot-To-Go

HosTaGe is a lightweight, low-interaction honeypot for Android operating system devices that aim on the detection of malicious, wireless network environments.

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BSF (Botnet Simulation Framework)

Our BSF models P2P botnets, including several wide-spread Botnets in greatdetail, in the popular OMNeT++ framework.

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The ID2T (Intrusion Detection Dataset Toolkit) aims on the creation of labeled datasets that contain user defined synthetic attacks.

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CertainTrust SDK

Our CertainTrust SDK allows to compute the expectation or probability on the foundation of Bayesian logic. The SDK is available on our website for everyone to use.

Research Topics


Current Projects

Privacy and Trust for Mobile Users

The project follows the goal of empowering users, protecting privacy, and improving trust among the stakeholders in our connected society.

Cryptography-Based Security Solutions

The goal of this center is to provide cryptography-based security solutions enabling trust in new and next generation computing environments.


Around 450 researchers are working in this center on burning cybersecurity issues that affect our society, economy and administration.


PROTECTIVE is an EU H2020 project, which aims to provide security teams, with a greater cyber capability through improved cyber situational awareness (CSA).


TAKEDOWN is an EU H2020 project for developing effective and efficient security solutions against organised crime and terrorist networks.

Software Campus (Project Kombi)

The project is about Complexity Reduction in Big Data (KomBi), researching in the field of graph-based data visualization.

Software Campus (Project ADRAS)

Past Projects


Softwareinnovationen für das Digitale Unternehmen EMERGENT and InDiNet (Spitzencluster – BMBF)

Software Campus

MoVe4Dynamic and Dekomposed (BMBF)


Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt


PEN deals with resilient polyenergy networkswhich combine differentresource types (electrical power, gas, heat) with ICT aspects.


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