Biostore: Bioanalog Storage

The Problem

  • boom of multimedia data usage
  • production of multimedia data by great numbers of users
  • insufficient on-hand data storage concepts
  • unmanagable data chaos without new approaches

Sources of Data

The Exemplar

  • human memory: basis for a new approach
  • highly efficient data managament
  • trade detail for completeness
  • providing semantic structure for data

The idea

  • iData: intelligent data
  • combining conventional data, links to other data, metadata (modality, origin, fidelity etc.)
  • calculating its own relevance, redundance etc.
  • using decision mechanism based on metadata and context/intention
  • dynamic data able to adjust own complexity/ structure to situation

The vision

  • tool able to handle large amounts of data without user control
  • autonomous decisions what to store, which modality to choose etc.
  • UI making BioStore’s actions transparent for users


The BioStore project is completed. Its results were in part transferred to industrial project partners (SAP), in part published as PhD thesis.

Some of the findings were also included in the chapter about bio-inspired approaches of the “Research Handbook Ubiquitous Computing for Real-Time Enterprises” edited by Max Mühlhäuser and Iryna Gurevych.