ComicActors: Why?

Comic Actors CA (= on-screen characters) not appealing today for:

  • online help (see MS office)
  • software visualization (soon boring)

Rather, useful for:

  • avatars: represent remote humans
  • agents: represent remote SW (may spend your € / $ !)

ComicActors: What?


Microsoft Office Agents

  • interact with user
  • represent local SW
  • animation/action pre-compiled
  • for expert use⠀

TK Comic Actors

  • interact with user, SW-GUI (click menue, drag, …) & one another (exchange object…)
  • Cooperate!
  • represent Internet events
  • compiled at runtime based on events
  • for expert and stan

ComicActors: How to Build?


draws character (frames)


builds state transition

in reality: much more complex!

  • Macro-/microblocks
  • alternatives / parameters (cf. walk)
  • cooperation / interaction
  • real time!

ComicActors: How to Use?