Recording Example
Recording Example

The retrospection component of the Digital Lecture Hall provides the basis for the post-hoc access to lectures.

In its simplest form, retrospection of a lecture includes the recorded audio, video and all presented slides including the annotation of the lecturer. An example of a QuickTime rendition of a lecture recording is given below, which provides separate views for lecturer and slides and offers quick navigation. Other, more interactive rendition formats such as Flash are currently under development.

Additional content can be meshed in as desired, which can also include content personalized to the individual student, such as electronic student feedback during that lecture like question, comments or personal annotations (see DLH Interaction).

Supplementing the DLH Retrospection project is the research area of model driven multimedia including metrics and generation of compliant components.


Former Project Members

  • Michael Hartle


  • Prof. Dr. Max Mühlhäuser