This project aims at capturing otherwise more or less 'volatile' corporate knowledge conveyed in lectures, seminars, etc.

For a first approach, we will concentrate on Microsoft PowerPoint presentations held through our Digital Lecture Hall. During such a lecture, live images of the presented slides as well as the lecturer's freehand annotations are 'time stamped' and recorded in a central database. Furthermore, keywords are extracted from the presented slides, enabling subsequent searches for specific slide content.

After the lecture, recorded data can be transformed to any format one wishes to support. In our case, the primary interest will be in the industry-standard SCORM e-learning format. After generation, SCORM files are published on the Learning Management System Moodle. Their content is indexed and made available to the LMS's keyword search facility, providing quick and easy lookup of any recorded material.

Using this system, we expect to achieve a higher and longer-lasting utilization of the effort put into organizing and conveying corporate knowledge.

Former Project Member

  • Gundolf von Bachhaus


  • Prof. Dr. Max Mühlhäuser