Model Driven Interaction (under revision)

Research Focus

Technical advances allow us to use computers in an increasing number of usage contexts. Not only is the device variety increasing, but User Interfaces must adhere to the situation the device is used in, as well. For example, working with a cellular phone while riding the train is different to using it while walking through a crowded inner city. How should such a variety of user interfaces be developed – cost efficiently, consistent and adapted to the usage context at hand? We are convinced that this challenge for software engineering will become more urgent in the upcoming years.

Our group puts forward the use of model driven engineering techniques to address this challenge. Models – in contrast to traditional programming languages – allow a tighter interweaving of the various user interfaces created for different usage contexts. Therefore, the research area model driven interaction follows a holistic approach that considers user interface descriptions both in terms of layout and behavior. This tight integration is, in our eyes, necessary and able to address the upcoming diversity of user interfaces in Ubiquitous Computing scenarios. Our research focuses on the development of relevant models and necessary tools, to support this approach.


  • Dr. Stefan G. Weber
  • Dr. Alexander Behring
  • Andreas Petter


  • Prof. Dr. Max Mühlhäuser