Research focus

SoKNOS develops and evaluate concepts to support governmental agencies, organizations and companies to provide public security in emergency situations (e.g. floodings, large fires, huge accidents). The project aims at applying service-oriented solutions to enable ad-hoc information sharing and process integration among all relevant actors. Context information and sensor data have to be fused to provide all actors with a common relevant operational picture. The projects also seeks to develop new human-computer interaction strategies to support distributed decision making, command and control. Therefore, a number of different devices ranging from wall-sized multi-touch display in control centers to small but robust mobile devices carried in the field have to be integrated in a seamless way.

In SoKNOS, the Model Driven Interaction Group researches modeling of user interfaces and their easy adaptation based on users, devices and roles. For the workplace of the future in the command post, new interaction techniques are investigated, which are optimally aligned with the user’s tasks. Beyond this, the area Security For Ubiquitous Computing contributes to improving the operational picture in the command post, as well as at the incident site. The research focus hereby is the development of adequate security and multilateral data protection mechanisms.

Further information about SoKNOS can be found on the official SoKNOS Homepage, a quick glimpse into what the press writes about SoKNOS is interesting, as well.

Mapache Tools in SoKNOS
Mapache Tools in SoKNOS
using the adapted messaging UI on a wall-sized display
using the adapted messaging UI on a wall-sized display

Former Project Members

  • Alexander Behring
  • Andreas Petter
  • Stefan Weber


  • BMBF


  • Prof. Dr. Max Mühlhäuser