CoStream: In-situ Co-construction of Shared Experiences

Mobile live video broadcasting has become increasingly popular as means for novel social media interactions. Recent research mainly focused on bridging larger physical distances in large-scale events such as car racing, where participants are unable to spectate from a certain location in the event. In this project, we advocate using live video streams not only over larger distances, but also in-situ in closed events such as soccer matches or concerts. We present CoStream, a mobile live video sharing system and present its iterative design process. We used CoStream as an instrument in a field study to investigate the in-situ co-construction of shared experiences during live events.

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  • Niloofar Dezfuli
  • Jochen Huber
  • Max Mühlhäuser


  • Sebastian Günther (BSc Thesis)
  • Florian Müller (Student Research Assistant)

Former Project Members

  • Simon Olberding (Doctoral Candidate, now at MIT Media Lab)
  • Manuel Weiel (BSc Thesis)
  • Manolis Pavlakis (Student Research Assistant)
  • Klaus Wilhelmi (Student Research Assistant)
  • Daniel Storck (Student Research Assistant)
  • Florian Kirchbuchner (Student Research Assistant)