User Interfaces for Brainstorming Meetings with Blind and Sighted Persons

The following research question is addressed in the proposed project: How can appropriate IT based means improve participation of the blind in workplace situations that require intense cooperation with the sighted? We plan scientific contributions in the areas of (a) novel interaction devices and (b) novel interaction techniques, combined with research in the area of (c) eAccessibility. Well matching research labs with considerable experience had to be found for each of the areas (a) – (c); they turned out to be spread over all three countries participating in the ‘lead agency’ cooperation line: Switzerland (ETH Zurich), Germany (TU Darmstadt), and Austria (TU Linz).

The project is funded by the Swiss SNF, the German DFG, and the Austrian FWF.

More detailed information can be found on the project web-site.


  • Dirk Schnelle-Walka
  • Max Mühlhäuser