Former Projects

SmartEdge: Concepts and Methods for Edge Computing

A critical resource mismatch has been observed in the Internet-of-Things(IoT)context where large volumes of data that are constantly generated by massive devices need to be processed while those devices themselves are resource constrained. By involving the power of cloud computing, cloud-based solutions resolve this mismatch but bring about new concerns over latency, traffic, and privacy. To handle this situation, edge computing was recently proposed by introducing an intermediate tier equipped with computing resources at the network edge. The main goal of the proposed project is to advance this research direction by identifying four major scientific challenges in edge computing and providing a unified platform and solutions to address them. Theoretical foundations, efficient algorithms and mechanisms, as well as reference system architectures, will be produced to guide the design, development, and operation of a modern edge computing system for IoT.

In-Network Operator Placement for Dynamic Edge Environment

In this BMBF-funded project we study two important aspects of in-network processing: First, the placement of application components in the network based on a hybrid approach to balance the solution quality and execution time and second, the selection of communication patterns for highly dynamic edge environment and its impact on the placement. We look at these problems in an urban network context and validate our findings through real-world scenarios.

CC4BA – Certification Center for Business Acceleration of SDN and NFV

This EIT digital activity is set in the domain of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). The project consists of two work streams:

  1. Provision of a vendor-neutral orchestration and management platform for SDN/NFV services. Today, orchestration and management functionalities are mostly proprietary and bound to a certain vendor, creating vendor lock-ins and market fragmentation.
  2. A business case and feasibility study for a trusted SDN/NFV testing and certification center. Besides the market study, the project also defines the service portfolio and operational procedures for such a testing center.