V-Storage: A Virtual Storage Framework for Android

V-Storage: A Virtual Storage Framework for Android

Bachelor Thesis

Mobile devices such as smartphones today feature a variety of different apps, each one serving one particular purpose. Data captured or sent by those apps is usually stored at a distant server, i.e., in the cloud, but in any case at a location predetermined by that particular application.
Also, many users use different apps that serve the same or a similar purpose. The existing app landscape therefore hinders sharing data between different applications.
More importantly, the way these apps store and access data is completely decoupled to how the data is acutally used, what the current usage context and the user's intention is. In this thesis, we will provide a framework that abstracts from concrete storage locations and decides where to best place the data based on these factors. Furthermore, the emerging concept of Edge Computing provides an opportunity to place data close to the source, as to save latency and bandwidth in the core network.

Start: 01.05.2017

Ende: 30.09.2017


  • Julien Gedeon (gedeon(a-t)tk.tu-darmstadt.de)

Forschungsgebiete: Telecooperation , – SUN – Smart Urban Networks