Conception & implementation of a scalable and developer-friendly assistance platform

Conception & implementation of a scalable and developer-friendly assistance platform

Master Thesis

Smartphones became increasingly intelligent in recent years due to fine-granular sensors, powerful computing hardware and various actuation capabilities. This allows the development of smart applications to support users in everyday life, so called assistance apps. However, the development of multiple intelligent assistance apps still involves a huge effort through individual complex development from scratch. In this thesis, a distributed pervasive assistance platform is presented which acts as a base frame for solving arbitrary assistance use cases. Therefore, we identify common stages and functionalities of such assistance applications (e.g., tracking and actioning on mobile devices) and encapsulate them in reusable, modular and event-driven systems. Developers can just use the resulting data flow and implement the solution of an assistance use case by creating so-called data and assistance modules using the provided API. Therewith the developers can concentrate on solving problems instead of re-implementing existing functionalities over and over again. We demonstrate that this extensible approach is developer-friendly and allows fast and efficient development of arbitrary assistance systems. Our evaluation shows that the resulting platform is horizontally scalable which allows supporting growing amounts of active users and assistance use-cases.


Start: 01.08.2015

Ende: 31.01.2016


  • Christian Meurisch (christian.meurisch(a-t)
  • Benedikt Schmidt

Forschungsgebiete: Telecooperation