Bachelor and Master Theses

Bachelor and Master Theses

We at Telecooperation Lab are always looking for motivated students who want to do their thesis at our lab. On this page we provide you with some general information about bachelor and master theses.


If you are interested in a thesis topic at our lab, please have a look at our open thesis offerings. Contact the corresponding person via e-mail and highlight why this specific topic is interesting for you. You may also get more details about the topic and the requirements.

The official duration of a thesis depends on your study course.

General Guidelines

  • Under Guidelines we gathered some general and organizational information for doing a thesis at TK-Lab.
  • Important: Please read the guideline!

Each thesis will be guided by one adviser from the TK-Lab who is expert in the field. If you are interested or have more question to a specific topic, contact the corresponding TK member via e-mail.