Resilience in Energy Grids

Resilience in Energy Grids

Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis

The continuous functionalitiy of energy grids is crucial for our modern society. The current energy grids provide a high degree of stability based on large fossil-fuelled producers that provide electricity to millions of consumers. However, with the ongoing transition towards increasingly intelligent and distributed smart girds that stability is threatened. An ever-growing number of renewable energy sources increases the volatility of electricity production and the complexity of operating the energy grid. Likewise, the digitization of the gird introduces novel challenges for system saftey and security.

Resilience represents an abstract property of systems that is concerned with their capability to cope with changes and disturbances. Especially, if severe disturbances break stability, resilient systems are envisioned to be capable to adjust to the situation, mitigate consequences as well as learn and recover from such situations.

We offer a variety of topics in the area of resilence in energy grids. Such topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Modeling and simulation of (distributed) smart energy grid structures
  • Developing mechanisms and strategies to empower participants in the energy grid to actively contribute to the overall system resilience
  • Developing mechansism to operate increasingly distrubted energy grids in a resilient manner


  • Strong interest and motivation to work on energy-related topics
  • Good programming skills (mainly for technical topics)