TK1: Distributed Systems and Algorithms

TK1: Distributed Systems and Algorithms

Date & Room

Type Room Start
Lecture digital (Moodle) 02. Nov. 2020
Exercise digital (Moodle) 02. Nov. 2020


Learning Target

  • Comprehensive overview knowledge about the basic problems and approaches in distributed systems and algorithms
  • Deep methodic knowledge of classic distributed algorithms and programming paradigms
  • Applicable and exemplary knowledge of current developments and standards

Course topics

  • Recap of chapter 1 of the introduction lecture “Net-Centric Computing”
  • Distributed paradigms
    • Mainstream paradigms (e.g., IPC, RPC, Message Queues, Webservices)
    • Advanced paradigms (e.g., event-based, publish/subscribe, Java Message Service, Distributed memory)
    • Cloud computing (e.g., service models, google file system)
    • Formal approaches
  • Distributed algorithms
    • Foundation (e.g., safety, liveness, fairness)
    • Synchronization (e.g., NTP, Lamport's Logical Clocks, global states)
    • Coordination (e.g., Mutex, Bully algorithm, election)
    • Local algorithms
  • Current development tools / programming languages (e.g., Apache Spark)

Course Materials (Moodle)

We use a Moodle course to administrate the lecture and exercise. There we will publish the lecture slides and exercises. We also provide a forum for asking questions.

You'll find the Moodle course under the following URL: Moodle-Course Link

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Teaching staff

Name Office E-mail
Prof. Dr. Max MühlhäuserS2|02 A114
Dr. Alejandro Sanchez GuineaS2|02 A109
Dr.-Ing. Julien GedeonS2|02 A124