HTML5 State-Chart Editor

Master Thesis

Modeling reactive systems as state-charts is a popular approach. In fact, it is so popular that there are dozens of respective semantics described in scientific publications. In 2015, the W3C finally recommended SCXML as a XML-based syntax and semantic for state-charts. And while there are already established implementations of the standard itself, respective modeling and developer tools are still missing.
With state-charts as an inherently visual formalism, a visual editor / development environment is a necessary requirement to leverage its full convenience for modeling systems.

In this thesis, you are to implement an HTML-5 based authoring environment for SCXML documents:

  1. Research applicable frameworks (e.g. angularJS, bootstrap)
  2. Integrate with our uSCXML platform
  3. Perform a study to evaluate user-experience

Scope can be adapted for a master‘s thesis or studienarbeit.

Your work will form the basis for a potential series of graphical developer tools for SCXML documents and your solution ought to be applicable / integratable with other implementations of the standard. With applications of SCXML, e.g. for home automation or embedded systems, your editor / development environment might even be applied on live-systems in a pervasive environment, adapting their behavior from a mobile HTML5 client while roaming.

Start: 13.06.2016


  • Stefan Radomski (radomski(a-t)

Forschungsgebiete: Telecooperation