Thesis Guidelines


Theses at TK can be written in German and English.

A project-based thesis

We are regularly offering a large number of free, project-based and external thesis topics (e.g., for bachelor, master and study tasks). A major percentage of these thesis topics are project-based, which we find the most recommended and interesting offer. Most of the thesis topics can be found in our topic database, some topics can also be defined individually.

If you are specifically interested in a topic but no offering is advertised, please prepare a specific and detailed topic description and potential research questions that you would like to answer. You may then ask a corresponding TK member (look at their research interests!!).

Please note the following explanation between free, project-based and external thesis topics:

Ueberblick-StudienleistungsKlassen 01.pdf (25,8 KB) (opens in new tab)

After deciding to work on a project-based thesis, you may need to sign a form which allows us to use your work for the corresponding project. The form can be found here in advance (please ask your adviser for more details, if you need):

Sadadi-Merkblatt-VertraulichkeitRechteStudienleistungen.pdf (34,7 KB) (opens in new tab)

We sometimes also offer external thesis topics with an industry partner. If you decide to work on an external thesis, please read the following document beforehand:

Sadadi-Merkblatt-ExterneStudienleistungen 01.pdf (118 KB) (opens in new tab)


We are offering a couple of templates which have been proven to work well. We highly recommend using the Latex Template which already includes all the design elements required.