Project Practical Course

Course Content

It is only possible to attend the seminar if the student has found a member of TK as supervisor beforehand.

There will be no kick-off or any kind of other event. The search for a supervisor is the student's task. There is no official list.

Please also consider our internet practical course !

Together in a team of 4-6 students you will develop a software project or component related to our research interests. In the following you find a SAMPLE list of possible topics:

  • Personal Assistance Systems
  • Labels: Quantified Self App
  • Tracking suite
  • Big Data Analysis / Data Mining
  • DisVis: Katastrophensimulator
  • (Mobile) Cloud Computing
  • (Mobile) Activity recognition and prediction
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Botnet Surveillance System (BoSS)
  • Botnet Simulation Framework (BSF)
  • Storytelling
  • da_sense: Visualisation of open data
  • Node Based Algorithm Programming Framework (ANISE)
  • Collaborative intrusion detection
  • Cyber Incident Monitoring based on honeypot sensors
  • Twitterize2: Anonymize Twitter
  • HTC: Holon Test Center

Other research topics can be found at:

Teaching Staff

  Name Contact
Christian Meurisch
S2|02 A112