Protection in Infrastructures and Networks (PIN) Seminar

The PIN Seminar (German SIN: Schutz von verteilten Infrastrukturen und Netzwerken) is a cycle of seminars where students are given the chance to read and analyze current scientific publications spanning various subjects of computer and communications security (Mehr erfahren (opens in new tab) ).

The goals of the PIN seminar are threefold:

  • Introduce students to a research area,
  • Critically read and analyze scientific papers, and
  • Present a field or scientific area in both written and spoken forms.

The PIN Seminar is targeted at computer science students (or related areas, such as electrical engineering) that are working towards their Diploma, Master's or Bachelor's Degrees, with a focus on IT Security.

Topics include:

  • Botnet detection and monitoring
  • Blockchains/distributed ledgers
  • Machine learning for security
  • Computational trust
  • Applications of blockchain technology
  • Smart grid resilience & security
  • Security for the IoT
  • Intrusion and Crime detection
  • Anonymous communication

Course Content

In the PIN seminar, students are expected to write a technical report or survey on a current research topic and present their findings. Course participants will select one topic of interest and write a short survey. Furthermore, course participants will learn how to review scientific reports and will test their skills by evaluating the surveys of other colleagues. Finally, participants will have the chance to present their work to their colleagues and instructors.

The goal of this course is not only to introduce student to a new research topic, but also to prepare them for giving scientific talks and addressing an audience. An introduction to the academic work on how to write, publish, and present your finding will be given at the beginning of the course.

Teaching Staff

  Name Contact
Priv.-Doz. Dr. habil. Andrea Tundis
Mornewegstraße 26-32 | 64293 Darmstadt - 2nd floor
Dr.-Ing. Nikolaos Alexopoulos
S2|02 A121

The course language is English. The delivered survey, the review, and the presentation are expected to be in English. In special cases, German can be allowed in communication with your instructor.

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Due to the well-known social distancing rules, no face to face kick-off meeting will be held. The seminar will be coordinated via moodle.