Seminar and project practical course

The seminar and the project practical course are offered this semester only as an “on-demand” event. In other words, if you find someone from our field of expertise who will work with you on an individual topic for the seminar or the practical course you can also take this course in this semester. However, we do not have a list of ready-made topics, so there will be no kick-off event and no central contact person this semester.

We recommend that you take a look at our research topics in the four areas, select what you might be interested in and to address the scientific staff member(s). Please come up with a concrete topic and plan you want to work on before contacting us.

Alternatively, we have the PIN seminar, which is running in a more orderly fashion this year.

General organizational questions for the seminar can be passed to:

General organizational questions for the project practical course can be passed to: