Project Practical Course Telecooperation / Research Project Telecooperation

Course Content of Project Practical Course / Research Project Telecooperation

It is only possible to attend the course if the student has found a member of TK as supervisor beforehand.

There will be no kick-off or any kind of other event. The search for a supervisor is the student's task. There is no official list.

The Research Project is a research oriented course with 12cp (8SWS) and requires you to conduct your own research under the guidance of the supervisor.

The Project Practical Course covers implementation tasks as part of our ongoing research projects.

Please also consider our internet practical course ! (Update link)

Possible research topics can be found at:

Teaching Staff

  Name Contact
Leon Böck
S2|02 A121


For registration please contact Leon Böck, after you have found a topic and supervisor.