TK Receives Surface Hub Award from Microsoft Research


TK Receives Surface Hub Award from Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research recently developed a number of prototypes of a novel electronic whiteboard. A worldwide competition was launched where pertinent research groups could propose innovative research projects that would leverage the unique characteristics of Microsoft’s new device called Surface Hub [1]. Professor Mühlhäuser’s TK research lab was one of the ten award winners worldwide. In support of the research project proposed, they will receive an 84” version of the device plus financial support.

Dr. Khalilbeigi directs the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research group under Professor Mühlhäuser. Together with the researchers from his group, Dr. Khalilbeigi will work on two extensions to the Surface Hub. Firstly, groupwork functions of the Surface Hub shall be extended such that team members can seamlessly integrate their personal mobile devices. Secondly, the Surface Hub shall be enabled for personalized 3D-printed interactive tangible tools. People without special skills shall be empowered to design such personalized objects and to render them on a 3D printer. This way, domain experts such as architects, designers, engineers, data scientists etc. will be able to create (representations of) domain specific objects and functions; placed within reach of the teamworkers gathered around a Surface Hub, these interactive tools can be picked by the user and applied on the board to control specific operations. While the researchers are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the device and the start of the project, they already reckon about follow-on projects.


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