Record number of publications accepted to IEEE Globecom


Record number of publications accepted to IEEE Globecom

The Telecooperation Lab got a record number of five symposia papers accepted at the upcoming Globecom conference. Globecom is one of the two flagship conferences of the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) and will take place December 9-13 on Big Island (HI, USA).

Four papers of the SUN (Smart Ubiquitous Networks) group outline the area's latest research results, ranging from efficient edge offloading [1] to network protocol processing [2] and cross-layer optimization [3]. In collaboration the ISY (Intelligent Systems) area, another publication [4] is concerned with classifying therapy erros in diabetes.

Furthermore, TK-researchers from the SPIN (Smart Protection in Infrastructures and Networks) area will present a contribution related to privacy issues in online social networks [5]. The paper introduces a novel concept of hybrid online social networks, in which users have additional control over their data while using established commercial social networks.

Full list of accepted publications:

[1] Julien Gedeon, Martin Wagner, Jens Heuschkel, Lin Wang, Max Mühlhäuser: „A Microservice Store for Efficient Edge Offloading“

[2] Jens Heuschkel, Philipp Thomasberger, Julien Gedeon, Max Mühlhäuser: „VirtualStack: Green High Performance Network Protocol Processing Leveraging FPGAs“

[3] Jens Heuschkel, Erik Fleckstein, Michael Ofenloch, Max Mühlhäuser: „UDP++: Cross-layer Optimizable Transport Protocol for Managed Wireless Networks“

[4] Jens Heuschkel, Sebastian Kauschke, Max Mühlhäuser: „Towards Automatic Classification of Common Therapy Errors for Diabetes Therapy Support“

[5] Aidmar Wainakh, Tim Grube, Jörg Daubert, Carsten Porth, Max Mühlhäuser: „Tweet beyond the Cage: A Hybrid Solution for the Privacy Dilemma in Online Social Networks“

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