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Adjacency Pair Recognition

Adjacency pair recognition is the task of recognizing reply-to relations between pairs of discussion turns. Adjacency is sometimes visualized in online discussions with tab indents, as shown in the image below: if one turn is a reply to another turn, the reply is indented. When we can recognize reply-to relations between unordered pairs of discussion turns, we can better reconstruct an unordered discussion thread.

Previously, dialogue act classification and metadata-based features have been shown useful in adjacency pair recognition. However, for certain forums such as Wikipedia discussions, metadata is not available, and existing dialogue act typologies are inapplicable. In this work, we show that adjacency pair recognition can be performed using lexical pair features, without a dialogue act typology or metadata, and that this is robust to controlling for topic bias of the discussions.


Here is a publication on this work:

Emily K. Jamison and Iryna Gurevych:

Adjacency Pair Recognition in Wikipedia Discussions using Lexical Pairs.

In: Proceedings of the The 28th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computing. December 2014. Phuket, Thailand.


This research uses the English Wikipedia Discussions Corpus, which is available here.