The THESEUS program is a lighthouse initiative of the German government ( . It contains several projects which strive to develop application oriented base technologies, technical standards, products, business models and markets that will allow users and companies to access services, content and knowledge all over the world. Such services are based on semantic internet technologies and Web 2.0. The future business value networks provide the possibility to quickly react to changes in service demands.

Technologies are being developed which will create a new web based knowledge infrastructure in order to more efficiently utilize information in the internet. Its users will be able to create new content and enrich existing multimedia content or combine it. This will allow for the efficient extraction of structured knowledge resources from the current flood of information and furthermore create the possibility to represent complex correlations.

The new semantic infrastructure will enable companies to communicate with customers as well as partners and also gain new insights and receive feedback.


TEXO is a use case in the THESEUS program which focuses on the discovery of new services as well as their combination to create new business. It consists on the one hand of semantic service discovery and on the other hand community mining, which will aid in the process of finding the service best suited for the users requirements.


Prof. Dr. Iryna Gurevych

Project Leader

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Prof. Dr. Max Mühlhäuser

Project Leader

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Richard Eckart de Castilho

Project Staff

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Niklas Jakob

Doctoral Researcher

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