CLEF 2014

Question Answering for University Entrance Exams at CLEF 2014

In 2014, UKP participated in the university entrance exam task of the CLEF question answering track. Our system is based on state-of-the-art text similarity measures from DKPro Similarity, textual entailment metrics and coreference resolution and does not make use of additional domain specific background knowledge. Our best configuration achieved the second best performance across all competing system in the challenge with a c@1 score of 0.375.

A detailed description of our system is available in the following paper:

Neil Dhruva and Oliver Ferschke and Iryna Gurevych. Solving Open-Domain Multiple Choice Questions with Textual Entailment and Text Similarity Measures. In CLEF 2014 Labs and Workshop, Notebook Papers, (to appear), September 2014. Sheffield, UK.