Hoo 2011

Helping Our Own 2011

In 2011 UKP participated in Helping Our Own, an ongoing shared task in text correction, whose pilot run took place as part of the 2011 Generation Challenges.

Our system achieved the best detection scores in the following error classes:

  • adjective errors
  • adverb errors
  • anaphor errors
  • compound change errors
  • noun errors
  • punctuation errors
  • verb errors
  • other errors

Full details of the task, including results for all systems, is available in the organizers' report. A full description of our system can be found in the following paper:

  • Torsten Zesch. Helping Our Own 2011: UKP Lab System Description. In Proceedings of the Helping Our Own Working Group Session at the 13th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation, pages 260–262, September 2011.