Hoo 2012

Helping Our Own 2012

In 2012 UKP participated in the Prepositions and Determiners Task of Helping Our Own, an ongoing shared task in text correction.

We implemented a generic framework for article and preposition error detection based on the open-source DKPro framework. Our goal was to develop a system which is as flexible as possible with respect to linguistic preprocessing, the extraction of features, and the applied classification method.

According to the official results, our system achieved modest performance in some of the nine tasks, placing as high as 9th among the 14 systems.

A full description of the task, including results from all systems, is available in the organizers' report. A detailed description of our system is available in the following paper:

  • Torsten Zesch and Jens Haase. HOO 2012 Shared Task: UKP Lab System Description. In Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications at NAACL-HLT, pp. 302–306, June 2012.