Data Analysis Software Project for Natural Language

Data Analysis Software Project for Natural Language

TUCaN: 20-00-0948-pp / Moodle: DASP2019
The course will be taught in English. If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Andras Rücklé.


16.04.2019 – Kickoff/ Presentation of project ideas (09:50-11:30; Room S202/A126) UKP researchers will present the project ideas, and the requirements for this course will be discussed.
23.04.2019 – Deadline for project selection Students select their preferred projects
26.04.2019 – Topic assignment We assign students to projects according to their preferences

Course Content

In this software project, the students can choose from a wide range of different topics from many NLP areas, e.g., Argumentation Mining, Question Answering, Automatic Summarization, and more. Our website provides additional information on which topics might be available (the actual project ideas will be presented in the first lecture).

The students' task in this course will be to execute one of the projects in small groups (e.g., implementing chatbots, building question answering interfaces, etc.). This involves, for example, analyzing large datasets, training deep neural networks, deploying trained models, visualizing and analyzing neural network internals, and creating prototypes.


Students will work on the chosen projects in small groups. They will be mentored by one UKP researcher, who will define the project requirements. Students will regularly meet with their mentor to discuss the progress of the project, and they are required to hand-in short status reports to the teaching staff.


  • Interest in working with natural language textual data
  • Programming skills (most projects are going to use Python)

Teaching Staff

Andreas Rücklé (Please contact by e-mail for an appointment)
Prof. Dr. Iryna Gurevych