Unstructured information management

Unstructured Information Management (Project, WS 2013/14)

Project on the topic of generation of creative language for marketing


Catchy and memorable brand names and slogans are an important key to any successful business. However, the creation of brand names and marketing slogans is a challenging activity and a long process consisting of many iterations. One way to alleviate this process is to make use of NLP techniques in order to generate creative names and slogans automatically. Such automatically created suggestions inspire new ideas and help to move forward the naming process.

We will use the UIMA-based NLP framework DKPro and the LMF-based lexical resource UBY in various projects on the generation of creative language. In each project, a working prototype is going to be implemented.

Topics include:

  • analysis of existing brand names and slogans
  • brand name and slogan generation based on lexical resources in UBY
  • transcreation of brand names / slogans (English – German)


Prerequisites and Preparation

  • Programming in Java


  • Kick-off presentation
  • Documented source code / unit tests
  • Project description
  • Final presentation


Three introductory sessions will be held Thursdays from 8:30 to 11:30 in S2|02 D017: 24.10., 31.10., and 7.11.

Weekly status meetings are planned for Thursdays between 10:00 to 11:30. Actual times may vary depending on the number of participants. During the status meetings, a student assistant will provide help and assistance regarding any questions about the software frameworks DKPro Core and UBY.


Dr. Judith Eckle-Kohler