Management unstrukturierter Informationen

Management unstrukturierter Informationen

Achtung! Attention! Veranstaltungtermin geändert! Schedule changed!

Wegen eines Terminkonflikts müssen wir leider den Veranstaltungstermin kurzfristig ändern! Sie findet nun Freitags, den 17.10., 24.10. und 31.10.2014 um 11:40 Uhr im Raum S02|02|D017 statt!

Due to a conflicting time schedule, we have to change the schedule for this project! It now takes place on Fridays, 17/10, 24/10, and 31/10/2014, at 11:40am in room S02|02|D017!


Big Data implies that the amounts of data are too large for manual exploration. Automatic text mining is a key technology when searching for relevant passages in texts that shall be provided and prepared intelligently for managers, clients, and other users.

In practice, data often origins from unstructured sources such as the WWW or digitalised books; content markup and annotations do not exist or are unreliable. On top of that, the data is very noisy, for instance due to spelling mistakes and variations.

That is why methods that normalize and process texts in a smart way are urgently required.

In the projects, methods of text mining are applied and developed on real data in specific use cases. Texts are pre-processed accordingly and prepared semantically for the user.


  • Programming Java
  • Interested in Natural Language Processing

Further Grading Information

In the first three sessions, the UIMA-based NLP framework DKPro and an overview of relevant problems are presented, and the projects are defined.

Afterwards, the projects are developed independently, with weekly meetings.


The first three sessions will be held on Fridays from 11:40 until 12:50 in S2|02|D017: 17/10/2014, 24/10/2014, and 31/10/2014

Weekly status meetings are planned for Thursdays in the same timeslot, subject to individual scheduling and the number of participants. These sessions will be used to discuss the planning and the advanced of the students projects.


  • Kick-off presentation
  • Documented source code / unit tests
  • Project description
  • Final presentation


  • Carsten Schnober
  • Prof. Dr. Iryna Gurevych