Copernicus Award (DFG)

Prof. Sebastian Faust and Prof. Stefan Dziembowski received DFG/FNP Copernicus award 2020 for their exceptional work on blockchain technology and side-channel attacks in cryptography.

Their research on blockchain technology addresses some of the major challenges in this space. Prof. Faust and Prof. Dziembowski have developed new cryptographic protocols for reducing the ecological footprint of blockchains and improving their scalability via off-chain protocols. Their work has far-reaching implications for the future of secure digital transactions and has been integrated into major blockchain projects.

In addition, they have made significant contributions to the field of side-channel attacks, which exploit the physical characteristics of a device to infer information about its cryptographic algorithms. Prof. Faust and Prof. Dziembowski have developed techniques to protect cryptographic implementations against such attacks, securing sensitive information.

The DFG/FNP Copernicus award recognizes outstanding collaborations between German and Polish scientist. For further information visit the Press Release.