Medical & Environmental Computing (MEC-Lab)


We devise Machine learning and Image Acquisition, Analysis strategies for applications in Medicine and Environmental Conservation. Within Medicine, we focus on both Medical Image Analysis and Computer Assisted Intervention. Our research in Medical Image Analysis leads to fully automatic strategies for Computer Aided Diagnosis and Segmentation. For Computer Assisted Intervention, we focus on image-driven surgical planning, surgical process modeling and surgical skill analysis. We focus on developing automatic methods to analyze ground observation big-data for facilitating efficient and effective environmental conservation decisions.


As a research group of the Computer Science department of the Technische Universität Darmstadt we are also involved in teaching and education. On a regular basis, we organize specific seminars focusing on several topics related to Machine Learning and Medical Computing. In addition, we offer a lecture on Medical Visualization each summer term.


We are always interested in motivated students to work in our group on a variety of research topics for fulfilling their Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. Some of these topics are mentioned in Open Positions tab. But we have many more topics in mind. Please contact Dr. Anirban Mukhopadhyay for more details.