Computer Graphics

Most research and application areas at GRIS are related to Computer Graphics.

The basics of Computer Graphics are taught in the lecture “Computer Graphics I” (Graphische Datenverarbeitung I). Aspects such as I/O devices, spatial data structures, illumination models, ray tracing are described just like rendering pipelines (using the example of OpenGL). Last but not least, the lecture also elaborates current trends in Computer Graphics.

Research in Computer Graphics at GRIS includes 3D animation, 3D modeling and rendering, as well as 3D printing. Computer vision and other fields related to visual computing also fall into this category. In collaboration with IGD, geometry processing and animation is conducted in an individual research and application branch.

Computer Graphics explained

Research and application of Computer Graphics referrers to as graphical artifacts created by computers. In a broader sense, Computer Graphics also includes the representation and manipulation of pictorial data by a computer. Sub-disciplines vary from 2D to 3D applications, computer animation, computer-generated imagery, to technology related to 3D scanning and printing.