Visual analytics is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces. It combines information visualization , data mining /machine learning , human-computer interaction and data storage technologies to gain knowledge from large datasets.

Research at GRIS addresses a series of aspects related to Visual Analytics:

  • Create novel visual analytics systems for analysis of networks, spatio-temporal data, movement data, time series, and multi-variate data
  • Integration of novel data analysis algorithms and interactive visualization
  • Creating solutions tailored to specific user needs in a variety of application areas such as medicine, transportation, or biology finance, journalism, sports, esp. soccer

Application Areas

Medical Data Analysis supports the analysis of data from the medical field. GRIS is involved in a series of projects and collaborations with doctors, physicians, and personal health endeavors.

Finance: analysis of market developments, analysis of shareholding networks, analysis of transactions and their networks, risk analysis.

Journalism: explore large collections of text documents in order to find interesting pieces of information

Transportation: analysis of frequent movement patterns (pedestrians, traffic), analysis of transportation networks, analysis of emergency paths

Meteorology: analysis of temperature trends, analysis of earth measurement data

Biology: we support analysis and comparison of phyllogenetic data, deer or bird movement data, biological networks such as protein interactions, etc.