Visual Computing

All our key competences at GRIS are explicitly related to Visual Computing.

Our research in Computer Graphics shares a broad common ground, involving handling images and 3D models.

Medical Computing is a subtype of Visual Computing with an emphasis on medical applications and the health sector.

Data Science is a generic term like Visual Computing as well, sharing aspects of Machine Learning , Information Visualization , and Visual Analytics .

The latter three research areas complete your key competences in Visual Computing.

Visual Computing explained

Visual computing is a generic term for all computer science disciplines handling with images and 3D models, i.e. computer graphics, image processing, visualization, computer vision, virtual and augmented reality, video processing, but also includes aspects of pattern recognition, human computer interaction, machine learning and digital libraries. The core challenges are the acquisition, processing, analysis and rendering of visual information (mainly images and video). Application areas include industrial quality control, medical image processing and visualization, surveying, robotics, multimedia systems, virtual heritage, special effects in movies and television, and computer games.

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