Paper accepted to DASFAA 2024

Parallel Processing of Temporal Anti-Joins in Memory


Authors: Ioannis Reppas, Meghdad Mirabi, Leila Fathi, Carsten Binnig, Anton Dignös, and Johann Gamper

Our paper on Temporal Anti-Joins in Memory got accepted to DASFAA 2024.

The paper introduces a novel approach to efficiently process temporal anti-joins, a task known for its complexity and scalability issues. By devising a new temporal primitive and transforming anti-joins into parallel-executable algebraic expressions, the research team demonstrates significant improvements in efficiency and scalability, particularly in in-memory processing scenarios.

Real-world dataset experiments showcased the effectiveness of the proposed solution, highlighting its potential impact on advancing temporal database technology.

For more information, visit the conference website: DASFAA 2024