Scalable Data Management Systems (SDMS)

This course introduces the fundamental concepts and computational paradigms of scalable data management systems. The focus of this course is on the systems-oriented aspects and internals of such systems for storing, updating, querying, and analyzing large datasets.


Last offered Winter Semester (21/22)
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Carsten Binnig
Assistants Lasse Thostrup, Nils Boeschen
Exam Graded programming projects & 60min written exam
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  • Database Architectures
  • Parallel and Distributed Databases
  • Data Warehousing
  • MapReduce and Hadoop
  • Spark and its Ecosystem
  • Optional: NoSQL Databases, Stream Processing, Graph Databases, Scalable Machine Learning

Recommended literature include:

  • Garcia-Molina et. al.: Data Systems Implementation
  • Silberschatz et. al.: Database Systems Concepts
  • Ramakrishnan et. al.: Database Management Systems
  • T. Özsu et. al.: Principles of Distributed Database Systems