We regularly offer a number of Bachelors and Masters-level classes in the core topics of our group, e.g., data management and analytics, distributed systems and networks, as well as classes from the introductory computer science curriculum. Additionally we offer various research-oriented seminars and practical labs also in cooperation with other groups.

Abbreviations for course and seminar types followed by #credit points:

IC = Integrated Course, S = Seminar, OS = Oberseminar (Research Seminar)

The courses are ideally attended in the indicated order (DB1 to DB3) since the advanced courses require knowledge from the introductory courses. Moreover, for the database labs and seminars it is also recommended that students have attended DB1.


Name Module Typ Turnus
Information Management (DB1) 20-00-0015-iv IC6 Summer
Scalable Data Management Systems (DB2) 20-00-1017-iv IC6 Winter
Advanced Data Management Systems (DB3) 20-00-1039-iv IC6 Summer

Labs, Seminars and Other Courses

Name Module Type Turnus
Extended Seminar Systems and Machine Learning 20-00-1057-se S3 Winter
Bachelor-Praktikum 20-00-0906-pr Winter
Data Management – Lab/Extended Lab 20-00-1041-pr / 20-00-1042-pp Lab / Extended Lab Summer
Performance Analysis and Modeling of Software Systems 20-00-1130-pr Lab Summer
Seminar – Consensus Algorithms and Applications S Winter
Seminar – Foundations of Accelerated Data Systems S Winter
Teaching Lab Always