Data Management Lab & Extended Lab

Students independently, but under supervision, work on individual topics in a small group. The topics are usually programming projects oriented around the research performed at the Data Management group.

Possible areas for topics include:

  • Scalable Databases & Modern Hardware
  • Cloud Databases & Blockchains
  • Interactive Data and Text Exploration
  • Natural Language Interfaces for Databases
  • Scalable Systems for Machine Learning

In this lab, the students will realise a project defined by their advisor. Compared to the “Data Management – Lab” (6 CP), the “Data Management – Extended Lab” (9 CP) requires more work and a written report.

The groups agree among themselves and with the supervisors on how meetings will take place during the semester (in-person, online or both).

All further information will be published in Moodle in the weeks before the start of lectures. Once opened, the Moodle course can be found in the Electives section of the current semester.


Last offered Summer Semester 2024
Advisors depending on project
Organizers Nadja Geisler, Manisha Luthra, Matthias Urban
Examination You are graded based on your project results, hand-in and final presentation (plus report for Extended Lab)
Kickoff Meeting: 24th April, 15:20 h S2|02 C110

See moodle link above for additional information
  • After discussion with your advisor: Familiarization, based on selected project and implementation of an individualized work plan. You hand in code, a project summary, documentation and in case of the extended lab a report at the end of the semesters. Projects will be presented in a session with all students at the end of the semester.

Recommended literature include:

  • Depends on individual project