Data Management Lab & Extended Lab

Students independently, but under supervision, work on individual topics in a small group. The topics are usually programming projects oriented around the research performed at the Data Management group.

Possible areas for topics include:

  • Scalable Databases & Modern Hardware
  • Cloud Databases & Blockchains
  • Interactive Data and Text Exploration
  • Natural Language Interfaces for Databases
  • Scalable Systems for Machine Learning

In this lab, the students will realise a project defined by their advisor. Compared to the “Data Management – Lab”, the “Data Management – Extended Lab” requires more work.


Last offered Summer Semester 2022
Advisors depending on project
Examination You are graded based on your project results, hand-in and final presentation (plus report for Extended Lab)
Kickoff Meeting: TBA (online). The link will be announced in the Moodle course.

See links above for additional information
  • After discussion with your advisor: Familiarization, based on selected project and implementation of an individualized work plan. You hand in code, a project summary, documentation and in case of the extended lab a report at the end of the semesters. Projects will be presented in a session with all students at the end of the semester.

Recommended literature include:

  • Depends on individual project