Bachelor and Master Theses (and the like)

We are always looking for motivated students who would like to carry out their thesis with us. Here are a few general remarks to start with.

How to find your thesis & supervisor

Possibility 1 (preferred):

The standard and recommended way is to check our open thesis offerings. Once you found a fitting topic, please contact the corresponding person via e-mail, highlighting why this specific topic is of interest to you.

Possibility 2:

If you don’t find an interesting open topic, but are still interested in joining us for a thesis, please check out our four research areas on our research website. After you make up your mind about which of these areas you like best you can contact the respective area head by e-mail. Just describe your interests and ask whether someone from the area would like to define – and subsequently also supervise – a topic together with you. The names and e-mail addresses of our area heads in charge of dispatching thesis interests are:

  • research area SUN (computer networks and distributed sytems): Florian Brandherm (
  • research area SPIN (network security, privacy & trust, resilient infrastructures, crime prevention): Dr. Ephraim Zimmer (
  • research area ISY (machine learning, 3D computer vision, business process mining): Dr. Alejandro Sanchez (
  • research area HCI (human computer interaction): Dr. Martin Schmitz (

General Guidelines

Under guidelines we compiled some general and organizational information for carrying out a thesis at TK-Lab. They describe, among others, the specifics of project-related theses. Please make sure you have taken a look at those guidelines when you start communicating with us.