AUI: Advanced User Interfaces


The aim of the course is to provide an insight into the principles and methods for designing and developing multimedia, collaborative and adaptive user interfaces by means of practical applications under consideration of different context conditions.

Groups of 1-4 students work on a practical topic throughout the semester. The aim is to put theoretical concepts of human computer interaction into practice by designing and implementing an interactive computer system. A 3D printer can be used to create physical prototypes. Depending on the topic, 3D printing is also introduced.

The results will be presented in an intermediate presentation and in a graded final presentation.

A prerequisite should be an interest in new, innovative user interfaces and good programming skills in C#/WPF, Unity and/or Java. Basic knowledge of human-computer interaction and CAD is desirable but not required.

Teaching Staff

  Name Contact
Hesham Elsayed
S2|02 A108

There will be an online kick-off meeting this year. The slides (opens in new tab) with possible topics will be available shortly before the meeting under the link below.

If you have further questions regarding the topics, please ask during the kick-off or contact the respective person stated on the topic’s slide.

Kickoff: 19.04.2022 13:00 Online Zoom

Slides (Topics): Available online (opens in new tab)

Please, register yourself according to the slides above.

In addition, other topics can be dealt with in consultation with an employee. If you are interested in implementing your own idea, please send an email by the above date. Please indicate that this is your own idea.