Summer term 2022

The following courses will be offered in summer term 2022:

Module Course Type
20-00-1022-se Protection in Infrastructures and Networks Seminar
20-00-0969-iv Protection in Networked Systems – Trust, Resilience, and Privacy Lecture
20-00-0535-iv TK2: Human Computer Interaction Lecture
20-00-0570-pr AUI: Advanced User Interfaces Practical Course
20-00-0131-pr IP: Internet Practical Course Practical Course
20-00-1116-iv HoHCI: Hands on Human Computer Interaction Lecture
20-00-0485-pr Project practical course Practical Course
20-00-0950-pj Research project Practical Course


Course Nr. Title Date (planned)
20-00-0065 TK1: Distributed Systems and Algorithms Wednesday 6th July 10:00
20-00-0120 TK3: Ubiquitous / Mobile Computing Wednesday 20th Juli 14:00
20-00-0121 UC: Ubiquitous Computing in Business Processes Monday 25th July 13:30
20-00-0535 TK2: Human Computer Interaction Wednesday 27th July 14:00
20-00-0969 Protection in Networked Systems ‒ Trust, Resilience, and Privacy Thursday 1st September 9:00


Please check the dates in TUCaN and do not forget to register in time for the courses and exams (including “Studienleistungen”).