Argument-annotated Product Reviews

Argument-annotated Product Reviews

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This corpus consists of argument annotations (argument components and argumentative relations between them) for 982 Amazon product reviews from Julian McAuley's Amazon product data.

Details regarding the annotation scheme and the creation of the corpus can be found in the following paper, which we ask that you cite in the event that you use the data:


The data is distributed as a set of XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) files containing stand-off UIMA annotations that cross-reference the original texts from McAuley. Because the original review texts are not available under a free licence, we do not include them in our distribution, but we provide a script for extracting them from the original corpus and merging them into our XMIs.

To obtain the data, the extract/merge script, associated software, the documentation, and the copyright/licensing information, please visit the project's GitHub repository or download the latest pre-bundled release archive.


Questions regarding the data, annotation guidelines, or software may be directed to .