Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at Technical University (TU) of Darmstadt – one of Germany’s leading technical universities with a strong focus on Computer Science and Engineering.

Experience and excellence: Founded in 1972, today 25 professors conduct research and teach courses at the department. It includes two DFG Collaborative Research Centres, one DFG Research Training Group and a total of four of the renowned ERC Grants. Thus, the department offers a wide range of topics in basic and application-oriented research as well as in teaching.

Our bachelor programme combines basic methodological expertise with practical skills. In our master programme, students can deepen their knowledge and develop expertise in several important areas of computer science. Five specialized master programmes allow a focus on highly relevant future areas.

Our graduates are in great demand in industry and academia because of their profound theoretical and practical knowledge and skills.

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The scientists of the Computer Science Department are combining their numerous research activities in six priorities. They include both basic research and application-oriented projects and are complemented by further relevant research topics in the individual research groups. Based on these research areas the department offers students research-oriented, specialized Master's programmes.


The Computer Science courses at TU Darmstadt are research-oriented and open the door to exciting professional positions – whether in research and development or in consulting and management.



  • 2021/03/03

    Bitte nicht stören: Leistungsanalyse auf Supercomputern

    Hochleistunggsrechner Darmstadt – © Katrin Binner

    Deutsche und russische Forschende verbessern gemeinsam das Tuning von Supercomputeranwendungen

    Um die Effizienz von Programmen auf Supercomputern besser zu verstehen, setzen Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler auf Leistungsmessungen. Diese spiegeln jedoch auch zufällige Verzögerungen wider, zum Beispiel verursacht durch andere, gleichzeitig laufende Programme. Die Leistungsfähigkeit des eigentlichen Algorithmus ist so nur schwer zu bewerten. In einem deutsch-russischen Kooperationsprojekt, koordiniert von Informatikprofessor Felix Wolf an der TU Darmstadt, arbeiten Partner aus Darmstadt, Jülich und Moskau an weniger empfindlichen Analysemethoden.

  • 2021/02/22

    Professor Oskar von Stryk among the Top 25 Influential Computer Scientists Today

    Professor Oskar von Stryk – © Claus Völker

    TU Darmstadt occupies top positions in international ranking

    TU Darmstadt has once again proven its internationally outstanding position in the field of computer science. Professor Oskar von Stryk is listed in 21st place in the ranking of the Top 25 Influential Computer Scientists Today. In addition, Professor Kristian Kersting recieved an "honorable mention“. In the ranking of the most influential universities in the field of computer science, the TU also reached an excellent result with 35th place as the only German university among the top 50. The ranking was compiled by the Academic Influence platform.

  • 2020/11/04

    Scalable data management for future hardware

    DFG priority program enters second phase | TU Darmstadt with project successful

    Data management architectures will change radically in the next few years: The spectrum of applications that have to process large amounts of data has expanded significantly. In addition, new trends are making it possible to rethink current system architectures – both at the hardware and operating system level.

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