Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at Technical University (TU) of Darmstadt – one of Germany’s leading technical universities with a strong focus on Computer Science and Engineering.

Experience and excellence: Founded in 1972, today about 30 professors conduct research and teach courses at the department. It includes two DFG Collaborative Research Centres, one DFG Research Training Group and a total of four of the renowned ERC Grants. Thus, the department offers a wide range of topics in basic and application-oriented research as well as in teaching.

Our bachelor programme combines basic methodological expertise with practical skills. In our master programme, students can deepen their knowledge and develop expertise in several important areas of computer science. Five specialized master programmes allow a focus on highly relevant future areas.

Our graduates are in great demand in industry and academia because of their profound theoretical and practical knowledge and skills.

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The scientists of the Computer Science Department are combining their numerous research activities in six priorities. They include both basic research and application-oriented projects and are complemented by further relevant research topics in the individual research groups. Based on these research areas the department offers students research-oriented, specialized Master's programmes.


The Computer Science courses at TU Darmstadt are research-oriented and open the door to exciting professional positions – whether in research and development or in consulting and management.


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  • 2020/07/29

    Apply now!

    crossing – © SFB CROSSING

    CROSSING Female Student Mentoring and Networking Program.

    You are enrolled in a study program that is relevant for the Collaborative Research Center Cryptography-Based Security Solutions (CRC CROSSING), e.g. IT security, computer science, physics, or a related field at TU Darmstadt or computer science at University of Paderborn or University of Duisburg-Essen? You are interested in the development of cryptography-based security solutions of the future? You want to learn more about science and research? Then the CRC CROSSING invites you to apply for the CROSSING Female Student Mentoring and Networking Program.

  • 2020/07/28

    Artificial Intelligence for flexible robots

    Professor Jan Peters, Ph.D. – © Katrin Binner

    Proof of Concept: Professor Peters receives 150.000 euros from European Research Council

    Professor Jan Peters has been awarded a “Proof of Concept” grant of 150,000 euros by the European Research Council (ERC). He receives the award for his project “AssemblySkills”. The aim of the project is to give robots the ability to learn autonomously with the help of artificial intelligence.´

  • 2020/04/21

    Distinguished award for Professor Sebastian Faust

    Professor Sebastian Faust. – © Katrin Binner

    Cryptography expert receives the Copernicus Award

    Their many years of joint cutting-edge research in the field of cryptography and IT security is honoured with a prestigious award: Sebastian Faust, Professor of Computer Science at the Technical University of Darmstadt, and Professor Dr. Stefan Dziembowski (University of Warsaw) will each receive half of the Copernicus Award 2020 of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) and the Fundacja na rzecz Nauki Polskiej (FNP, Foundation for Polish Science), which is endowed with 200,000 euros.

  • 2020/04/03

    A better poker face for computers

    Alexandra Weber, Dr. Damien Marion and Professor Heiko Mantel (from left to right) are performing a side-channel analysis. – © Katrin Binner

    Protection against attacks via side channels

    Spectacular security loopholes discovered in modern processors are setting new challenges for scientists: Computer Science Professor Heiko Mantel and his team are studying the danger of difficult to detect attacks via so-called side channels and possible countermeasures.

  • 2020/03/06

    Autonomous overseers

    energy robotics – © Patrick Bal

    TU graduates and TU robotics experts found "Energy Robotics"

    Four graduates and the computer science professor and robotics expert Oskar von Stryk have founded the company “Energy Robotics”. Their software for autonomous inspection robots has made the team a global leader in the market for monitoring oil, gas and chemical plants. An example of the successful transfer of ideas and knowledge at Technical University (TU) of Darmstadt.