Sense Alignment of GermaNet and Wiktionary

Michael Matuschek and Iryna Gurevych:
Dijkstra-WSA: A Graph-Based Approach to Word Sense Alignment, in: Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics (TACL). vol. 1 p. 151-164

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The gold standard is based on the manually validated alginment dataset available from the University of Tübingen, which we gratefully acknowledge. This alignment was first presented in:

Verena Henrich, Erhard Hinrichs, and Tatiana Vodolazova:
Semi-Automatic Extension of GermaNet with Sense Definitions from Wiktionary, in Proceedings of 5th Language & Technology Conference (LTC 2011), Poznań, Poland, November 2011, pp. 126-130.

More information about the data is given in the readme file.