Sense Alignment of Wikipedia and WordNet

Similarity-based Alignment

Elisabeth Niemann (née Wolf) and Iryna Gurevych:
The People’s Web meets Linguistic Knowledge: Automatic Sense Alignment of Wikipedia and WordNet, in: Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS), pp. 205-214, 2011. Oxford, United Kingdom.

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  • Full alignment WordNet and Wikipedia (v1.1, 2012-03-14, .zip, 6.1 MB)
    Note: Due to a technical problem in the candidate extraction process, not all candidates were considered for each synset, i.e. some correct alignments are missing. The alignments which are present in the file should be correct. We are currently working on a solution for this and will update this page once new information is available.
  • Well-balanced reference dataset (1.815 annotated sense pairs) (2011-01-02, .txt, 122 KB)

Elisabeth Wolf and Iryna Gurevych:
Aligning Sense Inventories in Wikipedia and WordNet, in: Proceedings of the First Workshop on Automated Knowledge Base Construction (AKBC), pp. 24-28, 2010. Grenoble, France.


Additional Material

Graph-based Alignment

Michael Matuschek and Iryna Gurevych:
Dijkstra-WSA: A Graph-Based Approach to Word Sense Alignment, in: Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics (TACL). vol. 1 p. 151-164

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