Wikidata-FrameNet Alignments

Wikidata/FrameNet Alignment

Hatem Mousselly Sergieh and Iryna Gurevych (2016):

Enriching Wikidata with Frame Semantics, In: Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Automated Knowledge Base Construction (AKBC) 2016 held in conjunction with NAACL 2016, p. 29-34, June 2016


Data Description

We provide a gold standard as well as the Wikidata-FrameNet alignments according to the approach that was described in the mentioned paper. The alignments are based on FrameNet version 1.5 and Wikidata dump of 28/9/2015.

The zipped file (download here) contains the following files in CSV format:

  • Gold_standard_PROP_FRMAE.csv: this file contains the gold standard which consists of property-frame pairs and annotation field that indicates whether the pair is match (1) or non-match (0)
  • Gold_standard_FE_ARGS.csv: this files contains a gold standard of property-frame pairs and the mapping between property arguments and frame elements.
  • WD_FN_FE_ARG_alignments.csv: this file contains the alignments between Wikidata properties and FrameNet frames and the mapping of property arguments to frame elements with the assoicated scores.